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FabForm’s first subsidiary comedy channel is called ‘The Comic Wallah’


FabForm is a platform where we offer “ON THE GO” content to the youth of India. A daily doze of comedy sketches, spoofs and vlogs that would leave you wanting for more. 


The Comic Wallah is a comedy platform under the FabForm network. We are the fresh, new and alternate source to your current comedy diet. A daily doze of videos, posts, and animated series is what we offer.

Meet the Stars


A goofy girl who is famous for being the “CHIDIYA UDH” mohalla champion. Her other accomplishments include being one of the finalists in BIG BOSS 10. A woman who suffers from verbal diahorrea and wears her heart on her sleeve. A solution queen, a great friend and a highly opinionated human.
Catch her show “NITIBHA KNOWS” every monday on the Comic Wallah. 

Siddharth Banerjee

A man of a thousand voices. Name the actor and Mr Banerjee will impersonate him. Watch him spoof famous bollywood actors on his show “TRING TRING”, every Wednesday on The Comic Wallah.

Arjun Fauzdar

An aspiring young actor who has dreams of being the next SUPERSTAR. Unfortunately, he has a family that doesn’t appreciate his career choice and that leads to a potent concoction of madness and comedy. Watch LIGHTS CAMERA ARJUN every Friday exclusively on The Comic Wallah.

Krystle D'Souza

She needs no introduction, the magnificent TV Superstar who is loved in every Indian household now commences her journey to the digital platform with us. Watch the Glam Diva share some glamorous secrets on her brand new show 'Glam It Up! With Krystle D'souza', every saturday on The Comic Wallah.


We create content that merges the brand philosophy coupled with entertainment. The idea is to give the brand a platform and simultaneously cater to the entertainment needs of the youth. All our content is insight driven and focuses on justifying the core brand vision. 

Meet The Comics